Gingrich wins SC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Not too surprising. The only interesting results are the battle for 3rd. If Ron Paul finishes last, he is done.
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    I've read that Paul has money sufficient to go all the way to the convention and really has no reason to drop out.

    Santorum? I expect he is finished. I hope nobody is so foolish as to pick him for the veep.
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    They need Paul to soldier on in order for Virginia to remain relevant.
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  6. Now that Newt has taken a state, he is the conservative who will represent at the GOP convention I would expect. Santorum quits next week.

    So now Newt is even with Mittens. Each one knocked the other out of a state. But, sadly for Newt, they must now least the bizzaro world of dixieland and get back to the rest of the US. Mittens will have to wait till after Super Tuesday to claim the throne.
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    Paul last - 13% of vote
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    I read that OHMS is right. Paul plans to soldier on after Florida hoping to pick up some delegates in the caucuses. I think he is trying to build support so he can get some of his ideas in the platform at the convention.
  9. He is not going to quit. He is going all the way to the convention. The upcoming days will be fun tho. I love watching masters at their craft and I cannot wait to see what Newt and the hard right do to Mittens in the coming days. :)
  10. Nah, he won't quit. The Paulies will be at the convention. And they will nice to him too, lest he run third party. He definitely has the ground game to do that.
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