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  1. this sob admitted to having extra marital affair while persecuting clinton over monica. i always knew that conservatives have fork tongues.
  2. The key word being "admitted"
  3. If you repent, then all sins are forgiven. It's better to sin and seek forgiveness, than to never sin. I've never figured out this logic. Probably because I'm not perverse enough.
  4. Clinton was persecuted for lying in court while he was the defendant in a sexual harassment investigation.

    Nobody cared about him getting hummers..........
  5. 1. It was the Paula Jones case. Lewinsky never brought a sexual harassment suit. There was no "investigation." It was a civil case. You make it sound like a criminal case. The cynics in me thinks this is deliberate. The special prosecutor who "investigated" the perjury was supposedly investigating whitewater.

    2. Jones was after the money, was eventually bought off.

    3. Name a man who doesn't lie about his extramarital affairs, even in court.
  6. 1- no investigation? Then who did the Clinton lie to? Who did he give his prior deposition to?

    And when did I ever say it was a criminal case? All sexual harassment cases are civil...

    Maybe I misunderstand you - Clinton lied in court about getting hummers. How was that involved with an investigation of real estate shenanigins?

    2- kinda like Michael Jackson's kids, eh? Q- do you believe that since the kids' families were bought off also, that the accusations were false, and therfore Paula Jones' claims were false?

    3- apparently, the 9 Justices of the Supreme Court didn't see things the way you do, since they ALL skipped Clinton's State of the Union Address the following year as a protest to his lying - the first time that's EVER happened. I guess they expected the horny hick to 'man up' and tell the truth.....
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    You're just afraid that he might join the presidential race

  8. 1 It's clear that you knew there was no criminal case, that's why I said you were deliberate. Deposition in a civil case is called "discovery," not "investigation." You were deliberately misleading.

    If you want to know why Ken Starr investigated Clinton's perjury when he was only charged with investigating whitewater, you have to ask Ken Starr. BTW, did Starr do his job on whitewater? No.

    2. If she's not after the money, then why did she agree to the settlement without forcing Clinton's admission of responsibility? And only in your perverse mind would you equate Paula Jones case (consensual sex) with Michael Jackson's pedophilia (haven't we seen the wingnuts confused on this before?).

    3. You again demonstrate the wingnuts' inability to understand logic. The 9 justices may disagree with a president lying. But does that prove that there is a man in the court who wouldn't lie about his extramarital affairs?