Gingrich says Obama "has dumb ideas"

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  1. To a room full of Georgia Republicans, Gingrich, the former U.S. speaker of the House, called Obama a socialist and the “most radical president” the country has seen in decades.

    “By any standard of government control of the economy, he is a socialist,” Gingrich said. “That doesn’t mean he is evil. He just has dumb ideas.” :D :D
  2. Now if only Newt wasn't a hypocritical thug, then his ideas might be worth something.
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    Now if only you were a taxpaying US citizen, then your opinion on Gingrich and Obama might be worth something.
  4. "Now if only Newt wasn't a hypocritical thug, then his ideas might be worth something."

    Newt wants to be president, and since he has nothing positive nor progressive to say, since he has no solutions, all he can do to rally the retarded base of the republican party is to attack Obama...

    Have we actually seen Newt's birth certificate?

    :D :D :D

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    Newt might be the dumbest rock in the sack himself, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's wrong about a particular idea of Obama's. If a fool says, "one plus one equals two"...
  6. So go ahead and bring forth the ideas for debate...and I can debate the usual fools...

  7. There you go, attacking the messenger because the message is incontrovertible. Attacking the messenger is only a valid shortcut if the message itself is laughable. This one isn't.
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    Who, me? I don't really care what Newt has to say, at this time. If you like, though, pull a specific idea, if Newt actually had one in mind, and start a thread.
  9. In principle you may be correct, but guess how the smart money would bet. In any event, everyone knows Newt's penchant for attention-grabbing drama and exaggeration. Are you calling a turn? And if so, on what basis? Certainly not the facts. His accusations are baseless demagoguery. That's all he's got.
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