Gingrich compares himself to Lincoln, Obama says he is 4th best president ever.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Gingrich compares himself to Lincoln, and Obama says he is 4th best president ever.....

    It is good to know that we have fucking royalty leading us into the abyss....

    Where is captain Schettino, we need to right the ship.... :D

  2. Lucrum


    I would have said 4th worst.
  3. Newt is more comparable to Jefferson Davis

    Obama is off.15th - 20th is about right
  4. OK, have to say it. The way things are going with the GOP, I guess we'll have 5 more years to determine how well Obama fares overall.

  5. pspr


    I thought Obama was Lincoln. That's what he said in 2008. You can tell by their similar hair. :D

    Rumor has it that Obama took sailing lessons from Schettino a few years ago. :eek:
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Whether it is Obama, or Romney I feel sorry for the poor bastard who will inevitably "inherit" the torch in January 2013, walking into that disaster is not going to be pretty. :D

  7. Yep.

  8. Not that high.
  9. Mav88


    I said it when the guy was elected, this man is all about style over substance. He is not a deep thinker.

    Johnson had one of the worst terms in modern history. Vietnam, race riots, culminated by the fact that he could not even appear at the democratic convention over fear of rioting. If he had not withdrawn from a re-election bid it was looking like Nixon was going to give him an ass-whooping. I can only hope Obama withdraws from re-election like Johnson.

    Lincoln?? You kidding me... so Obama likens his experience to going through 1861-1863. Civil war is an accomplishment? Barry is a self-aggrandizing turd, what an self absorbed buffoon. The wrong man for us now.

    Does Obama know Lincoln wanted to deport blacks?
  10. Vietnam fucked Johnson but the civil rights act and medicare still leaves him with a good legacy.Unpopular wars tarnish a presidents legacy

    Obama withdraw ? Are you kidding ? He has a 45 % approval rating,tons of money for re election,Is beating all of the GOP candidates in head to head match ups and all of the GOP field with the exception of Paul are buffoons with many weaknesses Obama can exploit.What candidate in their right mind would drop out with those advantages on their side ?

    Civil War is an accomplishment when a bunch of treasonous traitors think they withdraw from the US and take US land with them

    Your claim that Lincoln wanted to deport blacks is not fully accurate.He wasn't sure what to do with freed slaves.Sending them to Africa was just one of many options on the table but he had not made the decision to do so
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