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    I want to prove that
    1) I have a profitable strategy,
    2) I can trade successfully, and more importantly that
    3) my edge is scalable.

    My objective is not to boost my ego at all. I hope I will be able to use this journal to prove to at least one professional out there that I can be an asset to his/her team. I am basically advertising my skill and availability to the professional world.

    I will post real-time trades in FOREX, which happens to be the most liquid market around. At the end of each day, I will post a summary of the day's trades. I will not include spreads in these summaries for the simple reason that the spread will vary from organisation to organisation. I will leave it to each person to plug in their own figure & work out if indeed I would be profitable in their team. At the end of the journal, just to put things in perspective, I will analyse my results using average spreads of 1, 1.5 & 2.

    I will assume a starting account of $100,000 because working out percentage returns will be a no-brainer. I will also assume that leverage of at least 1:10 is available, but do not intend to exceed a leverage of 1:5. Once again, each person is welcome to plug in the figures that obtain in their own organisation.

    My goal is to become a (Buy Side) quantitative portfolio manager, but would be very very open to quant analyst and trader roles. I have a Bachelor's & Master's in Engineering and have 10+ years experience programming for Investment banks in the UK. I do possess above average quantitaive skills too.

    FYI: I do not have a Phd in Maths or Physics. I do not possess an Oxbridge or Ivy League education. I did not reperesent my school in chess, cannot play any musical instruments, neither have I climbed Mount Everest.