Gimme that old time "peaceful" religion

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  2. This is what always kills me. Liberals are the staunchest feminists around. And yet there's hardly a peep out of them on this issue.

    Guys, at least think of you mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters under Islam. Do you think they would like it ???
  3. Have not heard one of them feminists volunteer for being a "true muslim" and come forward to be circumsized. Ya know in the muslim world all those women that are not circumsized are regarded that they are destined to be a prostitute.

    And then if they get caught having sex before marriage then they have the "honor" killings, if the father / brother does not do it then the father & brothers get all killed and all their women raped.

    And do not talk about having an extra-marital affair: the woman gets stoned to death and the guy walks without punishment because the woman "seduced him".

    However what annoys me more than anything else is the hypocracy. In fact there is perhaps only one religion and most sell their soul for it: money. The rest is lipservice to keep the goats busy.

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