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    Looks like an Inverted H&S, ascending triangle or support on a trendline. Choose your interpretation but it looks bullish to me.
  2. Thanks... don't know stocks fundies but I'll give it a go.

    Are you buying this off of the break of the high or are you in from the bottom of the range?

    I'm still working on buying breakouts... is buying this at break of high, stop under low of setup around 81 and a first profit target of 90 bucks ok for a longer timeline position trader?

    EDIT: Ouch nevermind. Shouldn't make decisions when i'm sleep deprived.

    R:W is not good enough for buying on the break unless I'm interpreting this as a head and shoulders and that looks sort of bogus to me (no offense to you, I just can't play it this way based on my comfort).