GILD defies me

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mtb4u, Feb 1, 2007.

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    I've been watching this stock for some time now (years)...
    hasn't been very interesting lately, and has shown signs of going into a downtrend.
    It's up 10% so far today...hasn't been down yet. I really don't understand this. Is it interest rates? They don't have any new meds out, the peak of flu season was two weeks ago, and, as far as I know, AIDS didn't take over the planet last night. What the hell happened?
  2. Earnings announced today.

    Check market watch. Gilead had record rev and net profits, plus has forecasted an amazing year (vaccine biz is hopping).
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    Ah, duh!-Thanks, sir. I see it the recent news section. I apologize, I'm usually more careful than this.
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    All I know is the price they paid for myogen was ridiculous... Ambrisentan which they claim is 'best in class' they did not even do comparative studies, conducted trials with 1/3 the patients that Encysive had, and they just filed the NDA in mid- December. Good luck getting through the FDA first time around!! The other reason GILD bought Moygen was for Durasenten....that is years away!!
  5. ask Donald Rummy
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    Haha. I agree with you on the price of Myogen; however, ambrisentan did pass phase II, where most drugs fail, and to my knowledge the FDA hasn't placed any clinical holds due to bunk data. All I mean to say is, if anybody can shove a drug from trials to pharmacy it's Gilead...nobody, including the FDA, can make a serious claim against Gilead's performance as a pharmaceutical miracle-worker.
  7. :D

    You're as cynical as me.

    Bird flu and Rummy are the two best things to ever happen to Gilead.
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