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  1. Does anyone here rigorously conduct mutual fund timing ala Gil Blake in "The New Market Wizards?" Here is an excerpt:

    "Blake is a mutual fund timer. Generally speaking, mutual fund timers attempt to enhance the yield return on a stock or bond fund by switching into a money market fund whenever conditions are deemed unfavorable. In Blake's case, he doesn't merely switch back and forth between a single mutual fund and a money market fund but also makes the addtional decision of which sector in a group of sector funds provides the best opportunity on a given day."

    I would like to find out if anyone is generating an incremental return w/ this. What fund family / broker do you use and do you recommend any online references?

  2. I don't do this but the Rydex funds were designed for this type of trading.
  3. Mutual funds do not trend in such a smooth way anymore like they did in the 80's and 90's (especially upwards). So that would likely not work today.
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    I was also intrigued by the ideas presented by Blake. I didn't do mutual fund research but looked into ishares, small obscure sector ETF's etc. It needs further research but I think what he was doing with Mutual funds can now be easily done by ishares etc. with the added advantage of going short.

    Alas I never finished my research, but gave it up in favor of more short term swing trading with better returns.
  5. ETF's are even worse for above strategy because of bid/ask spreads which are HUGE in your "small, obscure" example. Coupled with the less-trendiness of indexes/funds of late and sorry, but ain't gonna work either.
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  7. A lot of things that were *successful* up 'til 2000 ain't exactly as successful after. Good luck with most of those strategies.