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    I had some inclination and sold my Calls yesterday and really lucked out because the stock took a nosedive this morning. But it's coming back strong I think and they announced earnings date this morning. Looks like someone is accumulating and it should be trading considerably higher than here by earnings date I'd think.

    The chart is great and today's pullback was due anyway. Anyone else in on this one with me?
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    This stock is clearly being accumulated. I've seen others being accumulated like this one...everything sold is being sucked up no problem....a big buyer is buying it all up. Great entry I have a feeling...especially running into earnings in a few weeks. got accumulated in a similar manner when it got delisting news.

    BIDU also got sucked up after earnings.
  3. Hey blast19 I'm your Gigamedia foolio. Wife's IRA 1000 shares- me god knows how much at this point, my mother, my brother, my future all tied up in this name.
    CB at $10.....

    I think the reason it will come back fastest is of course it is NOT a Chinese stock! A lot of people don't know that.
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    Yeah, the stock is a players stock I of those stocks that I think won't be hurt by downturns in the economy too much.

    Looking a bit ugly here right now but I highly doubt we won't be trading significantly higher by the time earnings rolls around.

    cheers. :D