Gigantic cup&handle on the S&P

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Port1385, Apr 20, 2008.

Is this a cup&handle pattern?

  1. Yes, its a cup&handle.

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  2. No, its not a cup&handle?

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  1. I have read through many threads and no one has mentioned that the S&P appears to be one gigantic cup&handle on the charts. Look at the S&P from the maximum view extending out 50 years. You have a high in 2000 and another high in 2007 with a really quick pullback and 1/3 retracement.

    Does anyone here believe that this is just a classic cup&handle pattern?
  2. Why not post a chart with this type of post?
  3. I always thought a cup and handle reqiured a rounding saucer.

    Your chart looks more like a "V" move