Gigabit colocation offered. ATT Fiber Optic Ethernet

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  1. I am in the process of installing a ATT (MIS) managed internet service. It's the new Ethernet business class fiber optic. I have space for up to 75 1u servers @ 100 a month flat fee. If your interested let me know how many IP's you would need, I should have 255 total for the 75 servers.

    I will only be providing power surge, battery backup and power. You will have to run your own box and provide, dns, mail, http etc. setup and control of your box. I do not have any pots lines for dial in remote reboot. But I can do that for you if and when you need.

  2. just21


    Where are the servers located?
  3. I am on a Sonet Ring
    I have a direct uninterrupted 24 fiber line 27,000 feet off a OC192 between Dallas Texas and Atlanta Georgia both these locations are Backbone Node with Peering.