GIGA - Earnings Coming

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  1. Here is a little $4.00 stock that is based in San Ramon, California and is involved in the "Test and Measurement" space that Agilent and Tektronix are in. GIGA has been receiving some military contracts from Boeing, and Israeli Defense Dept.

    Company only has 3.8 million share float and frequently runs up huge into quarterly earnings announcements as daytraders jump aboard.

    CEO Bruns is 86 years old.
    Company has no debt.

    The last earnings announcement, GIGA ran all the way up to an intraday high of $8.43 ( July 26th ).

    Earnings are due out this Thursday.
  2. +8.8% on Monday.

    +11.3% currently on Tuesday.

    Earnings come out Thursday after the close.
  3. Excellent call wags, as always.
  4. Great call, but what have you done for me lately?

  5. Try IBIS.
    Closed today at $1.45

    They make SOI-SIMOX implanter tools that are sold to Japanese Wafer Manufactureres that help chips get down to .65 nanometer and beyond.

    Quarterly Conference call at 5PM EST today.

  6. $1.60 bid right now. :)
  7. $1.85 bid right now!
  8. What was the newsletter writer that was pumping this stock a few months ago?
  9. I should have told you - I was taking the afternoon off. My bad.

    I need something for tomorrow, or later in the week.


  10. Hope you got out before earnings Wags. GIGA getting waxed after hours.

    Closed at 4.93. Currently 3.45 offer (traded as low as 3.00).

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