Gifted trader: Andy Priston

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  1. Andy Priston's trading giftedness is literally one in millions, as rare as a Lebron James.
    Hint, he's in his early 30s and has earned something like $100 million. He's not an athlete, actor, politician or do-gooder. Supposedly he works in downtown Montreal.
    C'mon somebody! He's a hotshot from England. Has a flashy nickname. Has had some press.

    Clue 2- His nickname is Braveheart.

    Yes we have some winners. This is Andy Priston, one of Britain's flashiest financial figures who moved here in 2006 to be with his French Canadian girlfriend whose name I don't know but who I once read owns a restaurant. Priston is, or was, singlehandedly responsible for a major percentage of the Chicago's future market. He runs the Montreal branch of CFT Financials, it was in response to a Liberal Charest tax incentive thing to relocate financial services here. i have phoned his office about 5 times over the last few years and was always told that he's out so I assume he actually goes to work every day but I have seen no real evidence of it yet.
  2. For having 100 million he sure goes out with ugly girls hehe
  3. Lol. They could be just friends, not fuck buddies. They're not that bad looking, imo.
  4. The guy is talented, no doubt. He has some massive (>$10MM) swings from what I have heard. Yield curve and crack spreader. However, I don't see the point of this thread.
  5. What an unlucky guy. Ugly and poor.
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    :) :) :)
  7. Zero purpose. Only pointing out a 99.999999%tile successful trader, and inviting anyone to comment.

    It's a break from emg's "traders lose, they just lose."
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    Actually it was The Eurex not Chicago. Was a German Bund trader. He was part of The Mac/Refco group before Refco imploded. While he was a very big trader, not sure he was a major percentage of any market.
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    Besides being a helluva trader, is a very down to earth/cool guy. Not something you see a lot in very very successful traders.
  10. How do you know he's a cool, down to earth guy? Have you met him?

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