Gift Ideas?

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  1. What do you get a woman business client who literally has everything and could afford to buy anything she could want or have her billionare husband buy it for her?

    any thoughts here?

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    A solar powered DILDO that lights up "100% room up to go" when CNBC says "new record for the dow"!
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    I think it depends on the type of woman, which really doesn't have to do with how much money she has. Also, how much did you want to spend?

    If she's always had money, then she's probably practical and semi-frugal as a habit, so a gift certificate to her favorite store (ask) would be nice.

    A gift certificate to the nicest local spa, that's only about $500-$1000 a day and is always appreciated.

    The other thing, for something a bit more exotic, would be a custom perfume. There's several 100+ year old perfume houses who create custom blends for their clients (most really wealthy have custom blends made). It's a bit pricey, but there's not many women who wouldn't be flattered by your creativity and thoughtfulness:).
  4. haha.. that would be freakin' awesome $$

    you just gave me a great idea to pass by some big wigs in the adult industry :)
  5. She has only had money since she married her billionare husband 10 years ago. Before that she was broke. She is a very nice lady, however. Practical, down to earth but does expect the finest things.

    She goes shopping every other day. She hits the spa every 3 days. Has a persona chef, massuse and make up artist.

    Definitely was thinking along the perfume route.

    Thanks for the help :)
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  7. The Holy Bible, A camel & a needle with an enlargened eye.

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    just buy some cheap crap at Kmart and dump it in some custom bottle, and tell her you made it yourself. cake, any female will it up.
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    Just wanted to mention that if you want to impress her... do NOT pick a crappy perfume house on the net, and NEVER pick her perfume for her. The novelty is the fact that the perfume house will send her a lot of blending samples, and it's a 'process'... which is the fun part:p. She'll think you're the greatest thing since ice cream, since a lot of women don't even realize you can have this done.

    Another idea, if she's young and trendy, Juicy Couture is very hot right now. And if she's a bit older and more classic, you can NEVER go wrong with Chanel (purse would be good, and fitting with financial services- gift certificate, if she's like most wealthy women, she's already got the top 10 $2,000+ bags). Hermes for the older ladies.
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    She's a "business" client?

    How well do you know this woman? Have you given her anything before? You must know her very well to be giving her gifts if she's married to a billionaire, let alone married in general.

    Instead of buying her a perfume or purse, why not give her something her billionaire husband can't? If you know a married woman well enough to be giving her gifts, you should know enough about her to give her something better than a purse...

    possibly something from the heart, or simply something that will make her smile and/or laugh, something both of you guys have talked about...something personal...

    or maybe something under the belt...:eek: whoops

    Why is this not in chit chat?
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