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  1. Hello,
    I am kinda new to this profession and I am involved with someone who has been doing this for a number of years. I was wondering, from the perspective of seasoned traders, what are some of the best gifts to get a fellow trader? books, software, goofy things..anything that a fellow trader might appreciate for his birthday.
    All postings are most welcome,
    Trading Barbie
  2. open and fund a new account for him

  3. In fact I suggest give him something totally unrelated to trading.

    Trading is already taking up a big portion of his life, and it's his career/ his job. It's work. It's good to break away from that. If you give him a book on trading, for example, oh again....same tired old stuff so many times.

    Trading is boring. Birthday is happy time.

    Im sure he has other interests in his life? Something more towards his personality?

    Just my suggestion.
  4. BSAM


    Well, uh, if you're a "Trading Barbie", just give him yourself. I'm sure he will be most pleased. I think this might be in the category of "hardware".
  5. The perfect gift for the trader who much moooola every day.
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    A pair of the little "COMPUTER EYES" to put on top of the computer. You know the type. Slinky spring type and a pair of bloodshot eyes.......:D

    I picked up a few of those a few years ago at RON JON surf shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida....
  7. ?????............. Johnny Walker Black Label, Gold Label, Green Label or if you got a big bonus, go all the way for the Blue Label!
  8. A waterfall or a glider.
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    Rent him a Big Bunda and perhaps take him to dinner at NoBu.
  10. I would say buy him a nice expensive shirt which he can wear in the office
    A nice decent formal shirt
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