Giffords Gives Thumbs Up!

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    By PAULINE ARRILLAGA, Associated Press Pauline Arrillaga, Associated Press – 32 mins ago

    TUCSON, Ariz. – Doctors said Monday that Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' had given a thumbs up sign and tried to grab her breathing tube — heartening developments two days after surgery for a gunshot wound to the head.

    Dr. Peter Rhee said surgeons had seen many encouraging signs. On Sunday and Monday, Giffords was able to respond to a verbal command by raising two fingers with her left hand.

    "When she did that, we were having a party in there," Rhee said. And even while sedated, she has reached for her breathing tube. "That's a purposeful movement. That's a great thing. She's always grabbing for the tube," Rhee said.

    Also, while her brain remains swollen, the pressure isn't increasing — a good sign for the congresswoman's recovery.

    Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Lemole of Tucson's University Medical Center said swelling from such an injury typically peaks around the third day, so doctors "can breathe a collective sigh of relief" after reaching that point on Tuesday.
  2. Shes in my thoughts and prayers.Get well soon Rep Giffords
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  5. Wouldnt that be great if she made a full recovery, and then went to the jail to taunt him(with a full camera crew so we could all watch of course)
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  7. She's lucky to have survived, but like James Brady who was shot in the head during the Reagan assassination attempt, it remains to be seen how much function she has lost.
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  9. News out today indicates that she is now breathing on her own.
    Thank God.
  10. No - that would be pathetic, small-minded, and un-Christian.
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