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    Of course.... as a US citizen taxes on futures based income ain't that bad though. If one wants to avoid those there are ways as well. One can trade/live in any country that has decent internet, where they pay taxes is always a different matter. There is always the Three Flag Theory.
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  2. However, as an active trader above a certain threshold, I assume the US-sourced interest, dividends, and capital gains will be perceived by the French tax authorities as business income generated in France and thus subject to regular French income tax rates.
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    Correct, that's the risk you should eliminate by asking a ruling in France. France will have the opinion that you should pay in France. So ask a ruling, it is cheaper then fighting French tax authorities in court.
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    Update copied from a different thread :

    Just spent 5 days there and we might make the move soon. A little less claustrophobic than I first felt when visiting the place a few years back- after visiting more parts ofthe new city,and an especially good choice if u are a spanish speaker. I d prefer Gib to Jersey because of the spanish influence but Jersey seems to work the same as well
    Getting the right information either through lawyers or authorities proved a bit tricky though in.Gib, which is bit offputing. Still good surprise so far for us as Mrs can apparently enter the country as easily as EU citizens - we got very different info from law s office and the first border control agent she met there. We figured out the current regulation only after more online digging and a second entry for her into Gib.
    Wouldn t be cool to learn after a couple of years the tax info from the lawyer was wrong as well.
    Had we known in advance Mrs could stay in Gib rather than have to wait across the border we would have planned a longer stay there this summer.Quite an instructive and pleasant stay.
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    Actually applied recently to One of the renowned International schools in Madrid for the kids which happen to be within reasonable distance of the top sports school there for daughter. Where She can apparently enrol the competition. program and practice 6 days pee week. Such pain in the a## the aplication process, Not only sending a couple of thousand bucks(Madrid schools Are almost half price what We pay here and dont seem Any worse) but Also lots of paperwork and bothering a bunch of people in the school They attend now and it seems Even if the first response is positiveThey will need to go on the waiting list and We will get adefinitive reply ony mid March. Safer to apply for a second school in Madrid but might end up in Gib or the Uk, at.least They can enrol public schools if We move on last minute or They don t make it to a decent private school. Or We might stay.put...I hate official formalities, and imagine tax paperwork and possibly compliance issues with banks gonna be hell in Europe, especially after so Many years without a single tax filing to show, although even.staying put the times of living without a Tin number in one's country of residence imo Are coming to an end. More and more doors Are threatening to shutt off. Might visit London during April holidays...
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  6. Interesting thread. Any update?

    Have you thought about setting up in Abu Dhabi within the ADGM? Possibly register as a fintech to avoid the requirement for a physical office?
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    Yes, we are moving to Madrid, kids got accepted at the school there.

    As of Abu Dhabi i've been there only a couple of short times, much more to Dubai. If I could take back the last 5 years of my life, I would and head to Dubai.
    Worth noting UAE was again included in Europe's tax haven blacklist recently, which cause issue moving money between UAE and EU.
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  8. Yeah, but unlike the other Mickey Mouse tax havens (almost all small islands located in warm seas) the UAE is a big player on the international stage. There's simply too much capital there for the EU to be able to effectively close them out.

    The EU blacklist has always been a total farce anyway.

    "EU countries are not even screened as they are deemed compliant, although the EU Parliament has accused seven of them of acting as tax havens. They are Luxembourg, Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands."

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    Have you tried wiring money from the EU to UAE since the new announcement a couple of months ago ? I've had limited experience but it has been negative, as in banks refusing to wire the funds.
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  10. I've had no problem moving funds between the UK and First Abu Dhabi Bank recently. Mind you, it's only been small sums (<£50k). What sort of sums are you talking about?

    If things indeed get tricky with the UAE I'll redomicile my business there to Singapore. Bit more expensive and more hassle, but DBS are my favourite bank to deal with.
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