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    Fwiw I had a chat with a Gibraltar lawyer, and he reckons the stock trading profits wouldn't be taxed, no matter the amount, and cat 2 is unnecessary, although he recommends registering there a company and pay oneself some salary or register as a sole trader, to pay a little income and social security tax on the salary and benefit more readily of Gibraltar social security system - might help for kids and school, as well as with health insurance.
    With a EU passport one can just show up in Gib and arrange everything once there it seems. Looks quite good.
    Any comment, especially from those with experience in Gib most welcome.
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  2. I am currently living around a 10min drive from Gibraltar and have been here for nearly 15 years. Feel free to PM me with regard to any Q's you may have with regard to living in Gib.
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    Best of luck in Gibraltar, please continue posting your findings.
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    Fyi i had a chat with a second law firm in Gibraltar which confirmed cap gains wouldn't be taxed. They saw some advantage in applying for Cat 2 status, especially with a non european national in the family, but this wasn't linked to active trading being qualified as income.
    Also claimed the Category 2 immigrants would soon be able to conduct business locally in Gibraltar but this doesn't seem to have been confirmed officially yet. It would be a plus, as even if one don't need the extra money, ime running even a small office helps not getting bored to tears following financial markets or doing hardly anything. Another issue with cat 2 was mostly apartments in new residential developments appear with the mention "cat 2 approved" in the rental listings while possibly preferring a house more centrally located, but according to the lawyer, it is self understood multi bedroom houses are eligible for cat 2 residence .

    For those interested, the options to move to Gibraltar seem to be :

    -Apply for Cat 2 - get a tax ID, pay between 22000 and 29000GBP taxes per year, no matter the income, need to get private insurance, 2 reference letters and show assets worth more than 2 million GBP (not sure real estate counts)
    -Come as a self sufficient ordinary immigrant - without employment- Need to show 6 months statements, get an apartment in Gib and private insurance. Pay taxes on non financial markets related income, if any, so probably get a tax ID as well
    -Set up a Gib company and hire oneself as director or another position in the company. Pay taxes on the salary and other non cap gains/dividends/interests income. I understood that way one doesn't need to take up private insurance and can enter the general Gibraltar social welfare system (might be helpful with children studies, besides health insurance)

    Also I heard but without getting much details getting a salary from a non Gib company and paying tax on it in Gib might be another alternative.

    As of children studies, I can't say I'm impressed with the info i found on schools there.
    Mrs is not keen on moving this year, she still lives outside our house although she comes and helps every day (nothing too out of the ordinary for us), so it looks unlikely we move this year. Still have 3 weeks to decide, and will probably go to Gib this summer even if we don't move this year, so next year we won't need to ask ourselves too many questions.

    Cat 2 looks good btw, with no or very short minimum stay in Gib required, not sure why some posters here chose to register in Bulgaria on a high income while traveling around. Cat 2 should come cheaper and one can deal with everyone in english (or spanish I suspect) in a safer environment in Gibraltar. Definetely a headache to travel around from gib though, except to England, Morocco and Southern Spain. Malaga airport is 1.5 hours away on a good day, with probably the stress of getting stuck at the border every time one head to the airport.
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    I am curious. Where did you finally go?
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    I m in Nice right now after a break in.Dubai, supposed to be in Gibraltar mid July with the kids see how they like the place.
    Planning to.stay in.Asia next school year before probably going back to Europe. Possibly in Gibraltar but also possibly giving up active trading (retiring) so we could settle in a bunch of places inthe EU.

    Fwiw if I could take the past 4 years back I would move to Dubai, still really like the place, posh, safe, low taxes and very family friendly.
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  7. How is a person actively trading taxed in France? I imagine taxes are sky high?
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    U.S. tax treaty exemptions: Unique and favorable provisions exist in the French-U.S. income tax treaty for U.S. citizens living in France. U.S.-sourced interest, dividends, and capital gains from the sale of securities realized by U.S. citizens residing in France are exempt from French income tax and surtaxes. - from the kpmg link
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    Exactly, as they will be taxed in the US. Double tax agreement between France and US. You should always check the double tax treaty between your country and France. It can be a different taxation depending from your nationality.
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