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    Are you sure you want to decide where you want to live based on taxes? I mean, there are things in life that are more important than money. I rather pay 20% cap gains and be in a place I really like than to pay 0% and not be
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    Well, I'm definetely considering more things than taxes, which should be obvious if you read that thread. But taxes are definitely very important, as at around 20% I'd be more keen on giving up active trading and enjoy lower rates on passive income- much more places would be available, I'm actually contemplating just that, just not right now.
    Besides of the few places where I'd be most happy to move, taxes on active trading are much higher than 20%, and if not in Europe require several million usd investment just to get the residence permit, before beeing hit by high taxes - New Zealand might be the best hope of migrating to a great place with low taxes for a few years, but that's a drastic move (costing 10 mil NZD if you want to skip the quotas) , and I suspect the tax deal wouldn't work for active trading, tax deal only valid for a few years anyway- although there are a couple of places in Europe I really enjoy, just forget about the 20%.
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    Btw Gib cat 2 deal costs about 35k usd a year plus the obligation to rent a prime property plus some legal costs. Still sweet but more than I pay now ( I would probably save a bit in Gib anyway, after initial settlement costs )
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  4. Switzerland. Great society. Great health care. Great schools. Low taxes.
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  5. Thanks for the welcome,yh i know its a territory but they compete in all european competitions as a country.thanks anyway Xela
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    Yeah, I now a professional Swiss trader on ET who run away for these "low" taxes.

    Check here to see what you will pay:

    Try to get below 20% and let me know if you succeeded. Living cost in Switzerland is high.
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    Sure, but it seems to me that taxes are overly playing a role in this decision, especially for someone that is already financially free. Taxes and money should be way down the list in the main reasons to move, at least if the person wants to maximize personal satisfaction and happiness
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    Fair enough, I'm definitely wondering often about this issue and might be wrong here. But so it is at the moment.
    I can't say Gibraltar sounds like a bad place to live though, staying there would actually help with non tax related current issues (beeing very small and english speaking sounds good right now) while beeing in an area i like, although settling in Marbella or Madrid while sending the kids to an international school there sounds like more fun - for me, not so sure about my kids who speak fluent english but no spanish yet.
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    Unfortunately NO LOW taxes for traders plus ca 10% of income to be paid additionally to obligatory pension scheme AHV (no opt out possible). So I left.
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  10. Thank you for the heads up. What was your total effective tax rate approximately before the 10% AHV? Thank you.
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