Gibraltar a growing futures trading centre

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by trillenium, May 7, 2004.

  1. I came across this article in the Financial Times -- anybody has experience with Gibraltar ? How is life there ?
  2. According to mates of mine, extremely boring.
  3. msfe


    ... aka (colonial) British
  4. You're not Canadian are you? :D
  5. is that right? maximum tax rate 10,000? i could get use to that kinda boring.
  6. just21


    Can you live in Spain and commute to Gibralter and still get the 10k tax rate or if not, what is the tax rate in Spain?
  7. Kap


    My old firm has a group of Bund traders out there, the weather is great but apparentley it's full of old retirees and can get a tad boring.

    thnx for the article, interesting, Kap.

  8. ooooohhhhhhhhh

    now now now

    Should we take this lying down ????
  9. Are you one of the former Midhas traders?
  10. Kap


    lol, nope, but feel free to keep Guessing !

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