"Gibbs Tells The Truth One Time And Catches Holy Hell For It" -- Rush Limbaugh

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  1. And Pelosi is furious...

    It's sad and tiresome... that the Democrats have to lie constantly to promote their agenda... and they seem to do it so willingly and without conscience. :mad:
  2. Stupid lil gibbs he for one should know the liberal cardinal rule: Never under any circumstances admit the truth.
  3. Sort of like Maxine Waters (cunt) who let it slip... "We.. the Government... going to take over and run your business.."
  4. Yes that was Classic and truthful.

    Or what about I believe it was clyborn paraphrasing "Most of what we do is unconstitutional"
  5. cstfx


    can you reference that?
  6. You mean and keep all that profit, I'm for that since I'm a taxpayer. Stop paying business and the wealthy ransom
    they hold out for and give it back. Hire all the same people; keep the profit. Call it whatever.
  7. You are completely daft.

  8. No ...you are! :D
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