Gibbs Fracks Up Again

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    Gibbs Talks Himself Into Another Flap

    The White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who irritated fellow Democrats recently by saying Republicans might reclaim control of the House in November, is once again in hot water with his own party, after lambasting President Obama’s critics on what he called “the professional left.’’

    In an interview with The Hill newspaper, published Tuesday, Mr. Gibbs unloaded his frustration with liberals who are themselves frustrated with the president.

    “I hear these people saying he’s like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested – I mean, it’s crazy,’’ Mr. Gibbs was quoted in the newspaper as saying.

    He went on to condemn the “professional left,’’ saying: “They will be satisfied when we have Canadian health care and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.’’

    Mr. Gibbs’ remarks raced around the blogosphere and dominated much of the daily White House briefing, which was conducted Tuesday by his deputy, Bill Burton, who explained that the press secretary had a sore throat.

    Mr. Burton did not back away from his boss’s comments. But he conceded that people inside the White House – the president included – are sometimes frustrated with press coverage of Mr. Obama’s initiatives, and suggested that this frustration accounted for Mr. Gibbs’s remark.

    As to just who constitutes the “professional left,’’ Mr. Burton said, “I think he was just talking about folks who mostly live in this town and talk on cable TV.”
  2. The reason the left is pissed with Obama is because he is not nearly as left as the GOP and ET critics make him out to be.

    Socialism = the government taking over all hospitals and doctors.

    Extreme left = the public option

    Obamacare= copy of a health plan from a republican governer and top GOP presidential candidate

    Extreme left would be bringing back the highest tax rates to FDR days which was 90 %.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    every time I read a post of yours I am stunned that it actually exceeded the ridiculous statements youve made in the past
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    Gibbs is a douchebag.

    Obama is still in Iraq. Still in Afghanistan. Still warrantless spying on Americans. Still funneling Trillions to Banks. Still outsourcing American jobs. Still using torture and rendition. Still open borders. Except now we've got higher taxes, healthcare for all, proposed law to create a national civilian "security force" and green nazi's hoping offshore what's left of American manufacturing via the EPA.

    Obama is WORSE than Bush.
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    This is one of the many broken promises that piss off his base.
  6. Against obstacles, Obama still works toward closure

    Updated: Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

    Obama said after the inauguration that he hoped to close Guantanamo within one year, and administration officials admit they won't make that deadline. During the campaign, Obama gave himself no such deadline, and we're judging him here on his campaign promises. He said he would close Guantanamo Bay, and concrete steps are being taken to do so. The promise remains In the Works.
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    Cant wait to see the polls tomorrow, the majority people still supporting Obama are from the far left. That was a real genius move on Gibbs part to go out and alienate his base. Its amateur hour at the whitehouse and everyone with a half a brain can see it. The only person in the Obama admin who is any good at playing politics seems to be Obama himself.
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    Update? That was 8 months ago lapdog!

    Here, I'll give you a more current update: IT'S STILL OPEN!
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    LOL!!! :)
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    Yep. Good post.

    And frankly, closing Gitmo is the least of our problems. Obama seems intent on running this Country - and it's Bill of Rights - off a cliff. Just like Bush. The budget deficit alone is enough to bankrupt this economy in about 4 years. What then? What the fuck do we do then??? Oh, not to worry. Barry and Tim will figure it out. Just don't raise the interest rate on a then 18 Trillion stock of national debt. Yea, great idea. What the fuck happens then?
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