Giants Suck!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bpcnabe, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Up 21 pts twice and go on to lose to Eagles on a punt return. And the coach ahs the balls to blame a rookie kicker for costing them the game.

    Giants played with no heart today.
  2. Coach was probably mad that his punter kicked it to one of the best returners in the game instead of punting it out of bounds like he was instructed to do.
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    HE was pissed. BUt you can't blame the one guy when your defense gives up the points like candy on Halloween.
  4. Yes, I'm not suggesting it was all the punters fault, he didn't play on the defense that got torched. However, knowing D Jackson's ability in the return game, he was instructed to punt it deep and out of bounds, instead he punted it short and to the one guy he was not supposed to kick it to.

  5. I was watching the game with a Giants Fan. It reminded me of when Lisa broke up with Milhouse. "You wont be needing this!"