Giants or Angels World Series 2002

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  1. Who do you pick to win the all California series?
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    how was that for bonds's first at bat in the world series- a home run!!
    go giants!!!!
  3. All tied at 1-1 and heading to San Francisco.
  4. I was there last night and the one he hit in the 9th was the farthest ive ever seen...when he stepped to the plate it was like mj with the camera flashes
  5. The expression on Tim Salmon's face was priceless...When he said it was the furthest he had ever seen after 13 years(??) with the Angels that is saying something...What more can be said about em or hate em, the guy hits anything and everything that is over the plate...amazing!!!!
  6. I hope whichever teams win, takes the next three games in a sweep, so the sport can go back into hibernation 'til spring......
  7. All tied 2-2. This is shaping up to be a very exciting and competitive series.
  8. I can't stand Bonds and his ego, and the way that city kisses his ass. Barry Bonds plastered all over Pac Bell. It's almost as if that McCovey Cove splashdown setup was designed just for and to glorify him. He hits a home run and the way he throws the bat and stands there and admires himself. He is the epitome of what's wrong with professional sports.

    Angels in 6, possibly 7 but just GO ANGELS!!
  9. All tied at 3-3. Amazing comeback by the Angels to force game 7.
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    Yes that was quite a comeback! Just the way the world series should be
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