Giant banks going to Gold

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    Year 2020 to 2022, now giant banks are saying Gold will be $3000/ounce to $5000/ounce
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    Your probably mean

    Giant banks are buying gold from the year 2020 to 2022.

    Now giant banks are saying Gold will be $3000/ounce to $5000/ounce.

    we will not read all.
    As you are the thread creator,
    You read it all first. Then summarise it properly.

    anyway, the summary is poorly written as it didn't explain why the Gold price will
    break the record high of $2080 and why the giants are so bullish.
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  3. Just shut up
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    YES SIR !!!
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  6. Just IMHO;
    Gold has been a more shitty buy as of late than in the previous century because a fair portion of the speculators that could have been enthusiastic about it have gone to crypto. Then you still have some convinced believers who are always long gold and trying to uptalk it.

    Meanwhile, it's far from certain gold is going to do well in an environment with rising interest rates. Yes there's inflation but it applies to all assets... and if nobody rushes to gold that doesn't matter. On the other hand the dollar is unusually strong right now due to the high tension geopolitics, but how much worse can things get from here? Fading gloom is usually worth it.

    TA-wise, here "could be" turning point based on '20-21 range but it's better to just follow the trend until it changes IMO. While I wouldn't short right here simply due to this, I consider a long equally idiotic. Be long in stuff that's appreciating for good reason.
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  7. %%
    Silver haired silver buyer against gold??
    LATE last night i had crazy dream\
    i met a man who invented a money machine .[
    NOT a prediction\not gold] Money in The Bank video\John Anderson.............................................................................................
  8. Gold = Always a long-term Hedge, Never a Short-term Trade.
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    OK\ i've done DGP when volume was better\
    but that was like a Fed Reserve note=super liquid+ no storage costs like gold tends to require
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    Lol, gold.
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