Giant alien UFO appears over Alabama: Markets crashing!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by yoohoo, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Thought I'd start this thread before the blighters appear. I understand it's defininte that they are coming today, but it might not be Alabama.

    Anyone got any photos?

    Are they offering tours?

    Do they have any trading software for sale?
  2. Immortal


    some guy posted way ahead of you, I can't find it now must be deleted

    why would such things be deleted anyway if it is in shit shat
  3. triggger


    triple LOL :p :D

    PS: I posted this long ago but mods for some reason are getting way too into ET

    like ET is their life or somethin :(
  4. MTE


    :D :D :D Good one
  5. euclid


    If a giant UFO lands in the woods in Alabama and there is nobody there to see it, did it really happen?
  6. triggger


    not if you ask the gummint

    by the way would aliens abolish capitalism

    would they be big time socialists ???????
  7. Nah, the aliens won't be coming any time soon... fuel prices are still too high.

    When they see the cost of gas, they'll be gone in a flash. A hyper-flash at that.
  8. they'll leave once they stock up on Copenhagen, pork rinds, and pabst's blue ribbon. And maybe a three-pack of wife beaters to keep in fashion.
  9. Immortal


    some guys made huge money over this

    bookies taking 50:1 bets, but if ship does appear, there goes the farm :eek:
  10. One bookie gave 1000-1 odds to a guy making a $ £1,000 bet. That's a pretty good risk/reward if you ask me. The same bookie later dropped the odds to 100-1. The catch is that it has to be confirmed by Bush or Gordon Brown. That guy will likely lose the £1,000 but at least he got good odds on it.
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