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  1. I live in Europe and trade between 8.30-17.30
    European time, mainly the German Bund and
    the opening hours of Es.
    I have been trading for + 5 years so hopefully
    I know what I`m doing. Normally 3-4 trades
    per day.
    After my dinner today; I returned to my computer
    and find I´m in a trade initiated during my dinner!
    I immediately closed it with a onetickprofit.
    I use IB with Buttontrader as a frontend.
    For the moment I´m alone in the house.
    Any theories how this can happen?
  2. BKuerbs


    You have enabled the audit trail in TWS? Then please carefully analyze it.

    Did you cancel any (limit) orders before this happened?

    I have had this happen once to me: I played around with limit orders, canceling them and after some time - I was still at my monitor - I got a fill on a canceled order.


    Bernd Kuerbs

    Forgot to ask: did this happen in the Bund or ES?
  3. It happened in the Bund, no cancels today.
    I will look at the audittrail. Perhaps best to
    close IB and Buttontrader if you leave the
  4. BKuerbs


    I switch into simu-mode when I leave the computer, then log-off (Windows 2000).

    So any accidental clicks can do no harm.

    Shutting down TWS (+ButtonTrader) is not necessary.


    Bernd Kuerbs

    You should check the audit-trail whether the position was initiated by your computer (did not say by you) or you just got it stuffed into your account.

    In the latter case closing the position may not have been wise.
  5. Thanks Bernd, I will follow your advice.
  6. Your computer has achieved self awareness and is now trading more profitably than you :eek: :D
  7. Perhaps you are right, +4 ticks for the moment!
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