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  1. I started a stock trading journal but I also trade the FX markets and I would prefer to post those trades separately here.

    A little about me:

    Late 40's
    Trading for the last 6 years.
    Lost a small fortune trying to figure it all out.
    Lost 3 good women.
    Lost alot of valuable time.
    Lost a lot of good hair.
    Finally started becoming profitable late last year with some consistency.

    I have a small account because I almost went bankrupt from 5 years of no income and I'm slowly building it back but it will take at least 3 more years from my calculations.

    My net expenses including cost of living and trading losses over the first 5 years where $500,000 before I ever made a consistent dime from this business.

    I write this journal because I want the world to see the possible reality of getting involved in this business and becoming a professional trader which I now consider myself.

    I know some people will think I am nuts and I questioned my sanity to but I had strings of a few winning months along the way that inspired me but ultimately resulted in larger drawdowns.

    How do I know this time will be different ?

    I don't ... but I have had very good consistency over the last year and I feel like I have finally conquered my worst trading enemy... ME.

    So without further delay let the fun begin and I hope I scare off some young folks with some big dreams of easy money because it just doesn't work like that and I think I am typical.
  2. Was that you on the other side of my wheat trade recently?