Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife...Really?

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  1. Overnight

    Overnight The change in tone intimated by the trailer actually takes away from the magic of the first film.

    They tried this a few years ago with Melissa McCarthy and her female troupe. That one failed.

    Thus, this new tack is a stupid idea also, because the trailer is all special FX and no substance. I hope it flops. This may finally teach people to not mess with classics.

    Instead of trying to continue the first movie nearly 40 years later with all the special effects, why not just replay the first movie in the theaters? DUH!
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  2. KCalhoun


    Agree, original is classic. I am Zuul. I am the Gatekeeper lol

    This one, awful trailer.

    I like classics like Pulp Fiction and Risky Business :D
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    There is no Pulp Fiction only ZUUL!
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  4. I really enjoyed the trailer, to be honest. We'll see what this movie will be like when it comes out.
  5. it actually looked great, besides the silly kid aspect.
  6. Buy1Sell2


    Will it be another Heaven's Gate, or Lone Ranger?
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    I'll bet it does well
  8. I liked the "childhood adventure" theme the new one has going on, I really hope it would be better than the Melissa McCarthy one, which was pretty poorly written in my opinion.