Ghost in the Shell: So worth it!

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    I thought I had lost hope in the entire movie industry over the past 5 years until Ghost in the Shell came along. This one gave me the tingles just like the first time I watched The Matrix. If you like futuristic Sci-Fi thrillers, you're going to love this one! I highly recommend having a couple of drinks before you watch it. It will loosen up your mind and get you ready to absorb the mind-blowing scenes to come.

  2. I am a big fan of the original and I've heard that the new one isn't as good. A little worried to watch it as a result.
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    It would still be worth it just for the updated visuals.
  4. Pekelo


    Will check it out today. Has the Blade Runner vibe. IMDB reviews aren't that good though.

    Also almost any nicely colored movie on LSD is super! :)
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  5. Ghost in the Shell 6.5 on IMDB;

    The Matrix 8.7, o_O -- Not even a close comparison.
    The Matrix 1999 movie is legendary...whenever someone even attempts to compare it to something...I immediately roll my eyes,

    I find myself watching alot of 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50's black and white movies recently, (there's a whole bunch of them on YouTube)
    Black and white/older movies are so pure and simple...each scene, line, and character,

    I personally can't stand to watch anything after the mid 2000's.

    Movies are like art and personalities and wisdom...each person will interpret it and absorb it differently, -- and apply it differently as well to various aspects of their life,

    Funny/strange coincidence...
    I was watching Ghosts of Hanley House 1968 movie on Youtube...when I magically stumbled upon this 'ghost' thread topic,
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    Your post has no merit because you haven't even seen Ghost in the Shell yet. Watch it and then let's talk.
  7. bronks


    Same here.
    That being said:

    Finally watched it. Although entertaining, the heavy subject of existentialism and government control (vs corporate) was completely lacking vs the original... and that's what it really is supposed to be about imo.
    Analogy: Think of the original film ('95 anime) as a book and the latest, a movie based on that book. Book is most always better, no?

    Subtle nuances in dialog and background rendering completely inverses the mood intended. New movie was close, but no cigar.
    Like a cover band, there are certain markers in a song that has to be hit to be recognizable and fluid. Same with a re-make; gotta hit most of those markers.

    1. Japanese theme intro (original) was absolutely haunting and set a tone for movie. New movie wasted it on end credits. Morons.

    2. Puppeteer

    3. Humor: first movie yes, this one, not so much. At least they included the beagle.

    4. Nudity. Fuck.

    All in all I'm being a bit of a nit but, the original just has so much going for it. They were about as faithful as they could. The new one wasn't bad by any means, just not good enough.

    Baron watch the original if you hadn't already.
    That goes for everybody.

    Bladerunner next yo.
  8. bronks


    Yes Matrix IS legendary, I've probably watched it about 426 times... but

    GITS was of primary influence to The Matrix. The similarities are endless.
    And that's a testament to how good GITS really is.

    Rolling your eyes just makes you dizzy.
  9. Agree with much of this...

    For me, the original had some moments that I can only describe as "magical", for lack of a better term. Kenji Kawai's music had a lot to do with that.
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    I don't care that this film didn't get high ratings from the critics, I still liked it a lot. I can't wait for the second part.
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