Ghettotrade Takes over CBOE #1 in trading volume #1 in open interest

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ghettotrade, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. I'm a be the big baller, I opened up the bell and did all the trading in the entire markets today and I am the first to make the contracts!!

    Dont mess with ghettotrade. 415 is my graffitti on wallstreet tagging the markets like it was a clean subway.

    anyhow my portfolio is growin. up to 81243.90 now

    only 18756.10 and I be a 1/10th millionare.
  2. according to your photo, 1 volume?
  3. Is that fucking etrade?!!!?!?!
  4. Funny I notice there is only one contract in the OI report.
  5. Dang, I am still #1 I wonder how long my tag will last before.

    no one trading that.

    Still 415 #1
  6. When is the next available "appointment" to offset your trade? :confused:
  7. risky63


    why is this stupidity allowed here?
    it's not even entertaining.
  8. get it ghettotrade go get it
  9. +1

  10. hehe I think its kind of funny actually.
    #10     Mar 9, 2011