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    I heard on the radio that there are already several people protesting this product. Funny thing is, I didn't hear any of those same people bitchin' when Nelly (I think it's Nelly, not that sure, I'm more of a rock'n'roll fan) came out with PIMP Juice :p Remember, it's OK for the playaz, pimps, ho's, and gangbangers (re:hardcore rappers) to exploit (for big $$$) and promote certain stereotypes, but God forbid anyone that is non-African American mention or mock the same thing (I forget, the rap group NWA, what did that stand for ?), then you're a racist.:eek: I do agree that this game is probably a little bit over the edge, although the creator did say he was working on a similar game mocking Rednecks and a few others--an equal opportunity mocker !! Sometimes I get so pissed off about things like this that the only thing I can do is pick up my homies and roll down to the liquor store in my low-rider to pick up a couple of 40s, word.

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    Yeah I agree some people are just hypocrites or just too damn sensitive. I think the game is pretty funny.
  4. yo ,

    That was my idea homez. Im gonna sue dem.

  5. Now here's a German adaption of the concept, it`s called "Das Kotzspiel" ("The puke game"):

    The translated description states:
    "Your mission is to buy pubs and to expand their market share, so that every visitor of your pub has to drink as much as possible. Because the winner is the owner of the pub in which the player who puked first drank his last beer, schnaps or milk. But beware, because the currency in this game are natural produce and not play money! Therefore, the game is only allowed for players from 18 years and above. The currency is the "HB" (half beer) and the "GB" (full beer). It is advised to always have a camera at hand, because on the back of the game there is a "HALL OF FAME" onto which you can stick the photos of the winners!" (...)

    "Beware: it can happen that already half an hour after the play began, all the players are so pissed that further playing is becoming impossible ;-)"
  6. This is the funniest news story I've seen all week. Westside liquor, lol. Getting your neighborhood addicted to crack. Just insane.

    Black leaders play the "outraged" part well. Too bad they aren't equally as outraged at Eminem, Snop Dog, and all those other crazy rappers who talk about stuff just as "racist" as ghettopoly. When they sing about it, its "musical expression". But when some guys makes a board game out of it, "its racist".

    Someone tell me the difference between the two.
  7. All the 'offended' liberal protesters should get a thank-you card from the creators of this game. Who could ask for a better source of free advertising?

    From USA TODAY:
    WASHINGTON — "I love black people," comedian Chris Rock says in one of his best-known routines.

    "But I hate niggers. It's like our own civil war. On the one side, there's black people. On the other, you've got niggers. The niggers have got to go."

    The distinction that Rock, an African American, makes is one deeply embedded in the black community. It is the difference between black people who work hard and struggle honestly to get what they have and those who are lazy, scheming and criminal in their efforts to get ahead.
    "The same tired arguments were made by other niggers," the man wrote me. "I'm not some racist that thinks all blacks are niggers. You're black by birth; you're a nigger by choice."
  8. i feel the same way. i respect black people who do honest work for a living, whether it's rappers or bus drivers. i disrespect the criminals and ones who only want to take from society.
  9. theres trashy people of every race and there are those who are intelligent and work hard.......race is not a factor, attitude is.
  10. Exactly!

    "Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism"

    ~Ayn Rand
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