GHCO offer (London), need help

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mkiller6, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I have received an offer from GHCO in London. Can anyone give me some advices please? The main point I concern is the starting salary is low and 4 years contract.
    Please....Thank you
  2. mkiller6


    I dont know if i accept the offer. please help:(
  3. Can you get out of a 4 year contract without penalties?

    I can't imagine you would want to tie yourself up for that long.
  4. mkiller6


    there is compensation if I leave within 4 years.
    that's the problem.
  5. What you are trying to say is that you have to pay them money if you quit within 4 years time...?

    I would never accept an offer like that nor would I work for a firm which made me such an offer...
  6. mkiller6


    yes, i need to pay them back..for example, if i leave in 12 months time, I need to pay them back 36months money ( there is a formula to calculate in the contract)

    I dont know it's normally like that, because it's my 1st job
  7. That's total bullshit. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's not actually an offer of employment at all.

    When someone offers you a job they want to give you an INCENTIVE to stay not try to tie you up with handcuffs. The exception is when you are offered "golden handcuffs" where you lose a big payout if you don't stick around.

    What I would do is indicate that I would be happy to work for the firm but no one knows what life will bring and that this particular term is unacceptable. I'm not even sure it's legal to be honest. If they don't want to hire you without strings attached then thank them and go elsewhere.

    Personally, I think they are either testing you to see how stupid you are, don't really want to hire you but can't say no for some reason and invented this silly term, or are so full of BS that you should never work there.

    Just my $.02 pence
  8. mkiller6


    Thank you so much. I am thinking the same way, just not sure the real market situation.
    really want to know if anyone got this kind of offer in London.
  9. EPrado


    From what I understand, those contracts are a joke. Firms cannot hold you prisoner and prevent you from going somewhere else to earn a living. If they have some in house software or research,I am sure you cant take it with you. But those contracts are basically illegal and wont hold up in a court of law. The only thing they can do which can be a serious pain in the ass is take you to court (where they will no way in hell win) and basically cause you to run up legal fees. More of a scare tactic than anything. The part about paying back 36 mos of earnings is insane. All this being said, I would probably walk away from such a nice and friendly offer.
  10. Stay away, simple as that.
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