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    I'm interviewing in a few weeks. I've searched the forum and found some threads on GHCO. But I'm looking for a more detailed explanation of the interview.

    Math Part: I've heard its all true or false, without any aids. What I want to know is if there are any probability questions, or whether it is all addition/multiplication/division/subtraction questions. Secondly, is the math part given as a computer test, or is it oral? I assume its not pencial and paper since you aren't allowed those aids.

    Personality Part: What kinds of questions can I expect? I read the bit about the turtle already, but what kinds of questions have people encountered?
  2. Hey,

    I never had to do it. I was BSD right out of college. But I wish you luck though. Just be yourself and you'll do fine. :)
  3. Most important is why GHCO? There are so many firms desperate to recruit graduates now that you have a lot of choice and the firm needs to sell itself to you equally. Check out as a trainee trader position seems to be posted there every other day. Which office are you going for?

    I would encourage you to speak with a few firms and visit the offices and ask lots of questions, ask to speak to some recent recruits too as they will be your best insight. Hunt around and don't take the first deal that you are offered, and don't be sold too much on the benefit of a salary, as a salary always equates to a low % which in a couple of years if you are successful you will no doubt begrudge.
  4. I used to work at GH in NY and still have a couple of friends who still work there. I heard that GH is doing away with the salary and moving more towards a straight 60/40 split with no salary, wondering what they are offering you?

    As for the interview, I assume you will probably be interviewed by a lady named Janet Shlaes and the general manager of whatever office you are applying for. As for the math exam, its pretty much straight mult/add/sub, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm absolutely horrible when it comes to mental math and at best I probably got 50% of them right and I still got in. As for the personality interview, just your basic questions to measure your risk tolerance, psychology, etc - nothing special.

    But like the previous post questioned, why GH? If they offer the salary then I understand because from what I hear, the failure rate of beginning traders is somewhere around 80 percent, so better to blow someone else's money and earn a salary while learning the treasury markets rather than learning with another prop shop and having to put up capital. The downside though is if you are any good, your pretty much stuck in a bad contract and from what I hear the contract has gotten much worse than what I signed. The GMs in the NY offices are also a joke. One has day trading experience, knows his stuff and I would follow his trading advice but he lacks any form of management or social skills. The other GM has no day trading experience, only institutional, smart guy but basically do the exact opposite of what he teaches you. He gives institutional trading style advice to day traders - his advice to day traders - using higher highs, lower lows, bollinger bands, trading from bell to bell. Absolutely horrible advice which I had to unlearn after I left GH. GH is also notoriously extremely stringent with risk increases. I left GH for Refco and having some sort of comparison, I would equate it to Goldman Sachs versus Worldco .

    Best of luck though.
  5. I must also state that the comments I made before are solely my opinions and in no way should be construed as concrete facts. GH is notorious for pursuing former traders with lawsuits. And I don't know if its just me being overly suspicious but there used to be a lot of posts about GH basically all negative and lot of them from former traders but those posts always seem to mysteriously disappear from this site after a few days.
  6. I started a thread about this once called Censorship when a negative thread about GH was removed.

    According to Baron, the company disputed many of the claims and so it was removed. So, GH must monitor this site pretty closely it seems.
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    Hm. The lady I spoke with on the phone said they were starting up a new class for their prop division that was going to switch to "percentages"....not sure if thats the 60/40 split you're talking about with no salary.

    Recent college grad told me to shop around. Hows Refco, and whats the difference? Whats their interview/math test like? Any probability questions?
  8. I would like to reply but I fear the threat of lawsuits from GH
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    you know, i just remembered that the lady i spoke with said that GHCO would pay for the 6 weeks of training.

    Of course, I don't know if a salary would follow. Perhaps its just a learning stipend.
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    The most recent GHCO details I've heard is that they start you at *40/60 split in their favor and only pay out 80% of that each month, holding rest rest until the end of the year.
    *$3000 per month draw
    *$6000 per month desk fee
    * 5 year non-compete

    This is all second hand information from a former GHCO trader.
    The one positive thing he had to say was that they were very patient with him. He said it took almost a year to turn positive.
    Those desk fees and draw add up quickly.
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