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  1. Hello:

    I have an upcoming interview with Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & co. concerning futures trading. I am hoping to find out what questions I should expect to encounter in the interview. Has anyone interviewed with them, and what questions did they ask? I have a 3.7 GPA, and have been active in competitive sports for some time. I am familiar with futures, options, forecasting, interest rates, trading books, etc.. I thank you for your advice and answers.


  2. here's a couple of thoughts. don't try to bs your way into trying to hold yourself out as knowing anything about trading if you don't and haven't actually done any trading.
    tell them your smart and REALLY eager to learn THEIR system of doing business.
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    Just be you and be honest. Tell them your very eager to learn how to make money in the market. Dont try to act like you know anything, because everything you've learned in books your going to have to unlearn anyway.
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    ask them what are they looking for and try to relate your exper to their expectation.