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  1. Firm has you come in for a hack self-help Tony Robbins "Boot Camp". This lasts one week. It is taught by an ex-bond floor broker who passes himself off as a trader. Oh, and he's also the baddest man on the planet, just ask him. Absolute joke in every sense of the word. Between his worthless name dropping, story telling and bored attitude w/ the whole thing I could not help but be amused by the whole charade. He literally puts down grown men and makes them feel worthless. "You can't trade, your pathetic...etc" And these people sit and take the abuse????Then after his week of stories about how wealthy he is, what a great father he is, what a great trader he is, your supposed to simulate trade until he decides if your good enough to go live. Allegedly traders are making money. However, I believe the majority are not profitable and only a few are doing very well. There are people sim trading for 3-6 months. Absolutely no direction at all. 50/50 split with a desk fee of about 1500 + a measly draw of about 1300. And thats if you ever go live. DO NOT BOTHER!!!!
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    Hilarious,I know some guys over there.They are going to crack up when I tell them how the story of that place is being spread around the net.
  3. out of interest -what are the initials of this "bad ass"?
  4. That guy is an oxygen thief and you've just made his day by getting him a higher viewer count.
    Enough publicity then he'll have enough money to OD. Is that what you were thinking?
  5. Sounds like it didn't work out for you there, that's too bad. But don't blame it on anybody but yourself- I'm sure though if you're a hard charger you'll find a place that does work out and you can make a decent living, but it doesn't seem fair for you to badmouth a house that in my opinion is doing good things for people that fit the bill. And point of fact-- I would follow that "hack" you described into the pits of hell. That's how much I trust his ability to lead. Just because you don't respond to that type of leadership doesn't mean that others can't, and neither does it mean that it isn't spot on- it means it isn't spot on for you. Not everybody was meant to be a NAVY SEAL, not everybody was meant to trade for GH, there's nothing wrong with it, it's all right. What isn't all right is that you could be putting off good traders who fit the bill for that type of leadership from checking it out.

    Think about it.
  6. First let me say that I apologize to any existing traders at GHCO that I may have offended. That was not my intent. My intent was to give one persons opinion on what goes on when you are "auditioning" to become a trader at GHCO. It's not sour grapes on my part and certainly there is no blame being put on anyone. I am not badmouthing, I simply stated what truthfully goes down. If people feel there is leadership, good for them.
    Serenity, let me just say I really got a good chuckle from your post about how you equate GH to being a Navy Seal and how you would "follow that "hack" you described into the pits of hell...." Funny shit.
  7. LOL! The navy seal sounds like an Andrew Spanton type. The last minute of this npr broadcast really cracks me up :

  8. I don't understand what is "funny?" What is there that is funny about real leadership?

    Communication without speech inflection and body language is difficult, meaning our dialog is not exactly quality. I'm probably attaching meaning to your posts that you might not have intended- and certainly if you think any of my previous post was meant to make anybody laugh- you are doing the same.

    I did not intend for anybody to think that I compare GH to the SEALS, I simply stated that not everybody is meant to be one- even though they might want to. And similarly, not everybody is going to be on board with the GH program. I'll repeat what I said before: IT's ALL RIGHT. There's nothing wrong with it.

    Now. As for what truthfully goes down... Well. I think that what you described is a little inaccurate don't you? I mean let's call it what it is. You were belittling a tried and true method of recruitment, a mold of which for whatever reason you did not fit. And obviously that bothers you. And in your above response you continue on that you didn't mean to offend, however my perception of what you wrote and how you wrote it after that statement is completely disingenuous. NOTHING that I wrote was meant to make you laugh. It was to remind you of the gentlemanly way to behave, remind you of manners, and at the same time clear up the skewed image that you presented of an outstanding prop shop and it's leadership.

    I encourage you to go for a walk and dig deep inside. Find out what's going on inside and ask yourself some honest questions about yourself. The same thing that "hack" asked you to do in the class you so eloquently described, and I can only imagine that if you did it honestly and enthusiastically then- you would not be so frustrated and angry now.
  9. Serenity NOW!

    I went for a long walk and looked deep inside myself. I feel EXACTLY as I did before. Anymore suggestions?
    Wow, you have really taken my post as some personal attack. Let me clear some things up. I am not frustrated or angry. Not in the least bit. There are so many opportunities to trade. I thought GHCO presented a good fit. I was wrong. Life goes on. I simply wanted to let others know what goes down to "audition" to become a trader at GHCO. Thats it. I wish I had the information before I participated.
    What did I describe that was not truthful??What I described was spot on.
    Are you a sim trader or are you trading live. My impression from your enthusiasm to defend is that you are a sim trader. Probably have been for a long time and want it to work out desperately. Maybe you should take your own advice and go for a long walk and look deep inside yourself.
    Best of luck to you!!!
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