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  1. what's the aim of GH?
    making 1,500$ for the course?
    or hiring traders?

    it seems that the former is more relevant to GH?
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    hey jeffly, I have a group interview with GH tomorrow. What is all about and what do they ask you and also what do they have to offer you?
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  3. In all seriousness...when are these questions going to stop? You get one guy who is a former trader but couldn't cut it so now he is a 'teacher'/'mentor'. I love this. A guy can't put his money where his mouth is, yet he is somehow qualified to tell others the insights of how to make money. It's not a matter of being a better teacher than do'er, it's a matter of an inept salesman who takes the most basic concepts/principles and bores 90% of the people with fairly useless info. The other 10% are gone in less than a week. Let me tell ya...if what he taught was so great, he'd be trading from a laptop on a beach while making millions. He isn't.

    You've got a second guy...he's all about self growth. Good for him. On top of that, he's lost the majority of his life savings on one position. Not good for him. Do you want to hear about remaining disciplined and being consistent from someone who has rolled the dice and lost?

    If you want to go to the class...great. Just don't go in with high expectations.
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    Now this is DAMNED curious...

    You just joined today, and out of all the threads you could have chosen to respond to, you pick this ten-year-old thread and with such a specific response?


    Ulterior motiveā„¢.
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    i know it is very old, but the pain i have from this man is never old and if someone is to become a another victim to him people still need to know to be careful and stay away from harm. i said truth and i posted the story but it was never posted to public so i assume either you are who i am talking about tom, or you are someone works for him cause u never allowed that story to be out. that is enough for me to make u aware people never forget and they will speak truth to other
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