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  1. sounds like someone took some anger management courses( I hope!!!)
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  2. Mecro


    LOL this is hilarious.

    "When Shilling goes wrong"

    At 11, only on Elitetrader.
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  3. So am I to understand that it is a different "Boot Camp" than what has been spoken about in the past? You actually put up $1500 to audition to trade at GH under Tom?? Then after a few weeks you are put on a simulator to trade, and after proving yourself you may go live?

    What exactly does one get for the investment of $1500???

    How many people that have participated in the "Boot Camp" are trading live 12 months later?

    How many are actually profitable? Profitable enough to cover desk fee + draw??
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  4. "thetraderguy"

    When did you start @ GH? What was your trading background before GH? What do you mean by, "When the markets got crazy"? When havent they been crazy in one form or another?

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  5. i never said anything about "when the markets go crazy". I am trader. I gave my 2cents. Its funny he should mention character b/c thats exactly what is lacking. maybe Tommys growing up. We all hope so!
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  6. I apologize "thetraderguy" I meant that for "lifetrader1".
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  7. does GH traders hold licenses? Is this trading the firms money or putting money up front? Can you be more detailed please payouts/ comms etc.
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  8. hmm 8-post trader beginning with LI and ending with 1 asks question about a firm, which is praised to high heaven by 3-post trader beginning with LI and ending with 1
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  9. Stop mentioning SHill every brings back aweful memories for me...Shill Trading was one of the best outfits ever!:D
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  10. gh does carry certain licenses for their traders. Traders also trade with the firms money. Traders don't have to come up with any capital to trade. Payouts and commissions are very reasonable and in line with (maybe even a little better) than other firms. I am currently trading with them and very satisfied with the firm and its management. GH is the one place where I am an employee and I can get health care coverage and not have to pay a fortune on my own insurance for myself and my family.
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