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    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding this firm. I believe they're based out of Chicago and trade mostly futures and options but I just want to know if anyone has any information regarding their reputation or operation at all.


  2. GH Traders has got to be one of the best prop shops out there. They really offer every avenue available to turn one into a top notch trader. It's really up to you whether you decide to accept what's offered. I've traded for too many years to count and when the markets started going crazy I pretty much lost everything. I went and checked out GH Traders, I attended the "boot camp" and I have been consistently making big money since. I have not had a losing day in three months. That alone should say it all.
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    Are you trading there now?
  4. I am and even with the markets the way they are and have been, I am still able to make money. I honestly owe it all to the "boot camp". I got the tools I needed in order to put me back on a path where I could sit at a trading desk and make money. Best decision I ever made.
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    Come on guys, you gotta put some more creativity into the shill jobs. You're using a technique that was played out 5 years ago.
  6. this sounds like Tom Rice trying to hype himself and his program up .You would be a fool to pay $1500.oo for his "Tony Robbins course" this sounds like his propaganda for how great of trader he can make people... you are better off sitting next to an even tempered good trader. than this hot tempered goon who has never made any of his money trading.
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  7. Wow!!!! Sounds like "thetraderguy" just couldn't cut it as a trader or at least as a money making trader.
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    Apparently you have never even attended one of my programs because had you attended you would know that I have a money back guarantee on all of my programs. I take pride in what I do which is why I can offer a money back guarantee.

    My program is the only one of it's kind that can give you the tools needed and required in order to succeed in this industry.

    PS. Do you really know anybody who is offering a money back guarantee? And then you if could actually demonstrate your trading skills, do you know of any company that would be willing to put money behind you to trade? I encourage you to take a look at the fact that you felt compelled to come onto and slam me when it is that character that is keeping you from producing the successful results that you want. And again, it's a money back guarantee.
  9. If that is not actually Tom Rice, then please say so because by posting that you are changing what people may think about someone. The Tom Rice I knew would not feel the need to come onto a trading forum to defend his program, or anything for that matter. I would imagine if someone told him he was being bashed, his response would be along the lines of "I don't give a fuck."
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    That was the old Tom Rice! This is the new and improved Tom Rice (I hope)!!!!!!
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