GGB ==> The Groundhog Day Winner

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  1. Thanks, MM. Looks interesting.

    What is your assessment of CX, which could also benefit from NO reconstruction? R2 must be awesome for it as well.
  2. From the chart posted here, you indicate numerous purchases which you have yet to close out. Assuming each purchase only indicates 100 shares, I calculate (using the 'PAID' column) purchase price for all shares at $50,801 USD. Using the 'NOW' column for current price (although in fairness, prices do change each day), I calculate the current value of these shares (again assuming you only purchased 100 share lots for each) at $36,070 USD. Since percentages earned often provides less than a complete picture of actual value, I'm curious to know, How has your overall value of the portfolio improved (considering you currently carry a $14,700 USD unrealized loss)?

    Also, why all the chest thumping over trading such small size?

    - Spydertrader
  3. I asked him the same question some time ago, i.e. about figuring the open losing trades into his record and the answer I got is that they do not count unless they are closed. So just keep your losers open forever and you will always have a winning record LOL

    Then you too can get some Prime Rib and Brie
  4. Hahahahahahaha! :D :D :D

    Thanks for the laugh there, coach. I almost ruined a monitor when clicking on your answer. I understand the 'accounting methods' used in order to generate a record of "79 consecutive winning trades." However, whether one 'counts' the trade or not towards one's record, the unrealized loses still count toward one's portfolio value. Perhaps, MrMarket requests meats and cheeses so often due to the fact his portfolio does not provide him sufficient disposable income to purchase such items himself.

    - Spydertrader
  5. I use to receive emails from Mr Market touting his stock picking method... I was amazed at his accuracy until I actually went back at looked at charts of many of his winners and realized that many of the picks were held for 6+ months in order to get his 15% gain, but what was more troubling, was the 20+% drawdowns that these stocks underwent during the course of the holding period. I would say that his risk/reward pretty much well sucks...


    COME BACk.... IN 4 DAYS!

  7. Give the Big Guy a friggin' break already. Everyone knows he never sells losers, apparently so he can keep his "amazing winning streak" alive. How many times do we have to plow this ground?

    In the meantime he has produced a lot of very good picks. Why must everyone here focus exclusively on the negative? Is it because you cannot bench 385 pounds? Or that you do not have 18 inch guns? Or that you did not go to the Wharton School? Get over it and start making some money. Then one day you can move out of your parents basement.

    Who would you rather see on CNBC, Mr. Meat and Cheese or Cramer, who probably can't bench 100 pounds? Admit it, all of you would be glued to the TV if you knew Ernie would be on.
  8. Nothing wrong with calling someone on their record. He has made some great picks and some bad picks. if he can have his fun touting himself then we can have the same fun as well.

  9. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that if you were using 10% stops, many of your "winners" would have been stopped out before having a chance to close out as winners. I went back and looked at many of your "winners" and they invariably dropped 20+% over the holding period prior to making your 15% gain.
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