GG runs for Chit Chat moderator!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. My vote is cast for you GG. You'd make a great chit mod. God knows you can't do any worse than the present thread nazi Mr A.
    #11     Sep 25, 2003
  2. Ebo


    Greed is Good!
    Where do I cast my hanging chad for GG?
    #12     Sep 25, 2003
  3. right up top, below babak! :D
    #13     Sep 25, 2003
  4. [News Report]

    And with the local DBT news, GG with a triumphant comeback
    but tonite...


    Don't call it a comeback
    I been here for years
    Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
    Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
    Listen to the bass go BOOM
    Explosion, overpowerin
    Over the competition, I'm towerin
    Wreckin shop, when I drop these lyrics that'll make you call the cops
    Don't you dare stare, you betta move
    Don't ever compare
    Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced
    Competition's payin the price


    I'm gonna knock you out [HUUUH!!!]
    Mama said knock you out [HUUUH!!!]
    (REPEAT 4X)
    #14     Sep 25, 2003
  5. But didn't someone say Gordon Gekko was a "fuck up"? Is that the kind of person who should be a moderator?
    #15     Sep 25, 2003
  6. You'll have to go through me first.
    #16     Sep 25, 2003
  7. Moderators don't need to be good trader, but good charcter.
    Now don't tell me you can't have good charcter if you aren't
    good trader
    #17     Sep 25, 2003
  8. dbphoenix


    Stay on topic? Stay on topic? None of this would be an issue if you could stay on topic, jackass.
    #18     Sep 25, 2003
  9. I like you GG. You know that. But I disagree with your politics as they apply to Elite Trader, as I know you disagree with mine. That has not interfered with our maintaining a relationship where I think we consider ourselves friends.

    If the purpose of the Chit Chat Forum were changed to "anything goes", then you have my vote, otherwise no. But the truth is, I won't be asked. Baron makes the call, as he should. If he were to seek my input, I want you to know where I stand.
    #19     Sep 25, 2003
  10. that's totally fine, inandlong. i am definitely someone who can disagree with people and still remain friendly. i disagree with close friends and family over many things and there is no ongoing war between us. as i've said before, you are still a good guy in my book, regardless of how much we disagree on this issue. this is probably obvious, but just in case it isn't.

    (the following isn't about you, inandlong.)

    as for ET, i honestly don't think there can ever be any real fairness as long as any small number of people's beliefs are governing the site. people have all kinds of opinions ranging all over the place on just about any subject. things that may be outrageous to one person may not be a big deal to another person. because of this, i think the only TRUE way to deal with this that is fair to everyone is to have PERSONAL CHOICE rule. each person should decide for themselves what they consider good and bad. the ignore list is perfect, imo; i actually don't even use it. no one is on my ignore list.

    take for example the recent arguments i had in the atkins diet thread. see, they're deleted now, so you can't even go back and see what it was all about. i'm against rewriting history. anyway, it turns out andre wants that thread to stay STRICTLY on topic, it even seems he wants only pro-atkins posts. ET is a COMMUNITY with ranging opinions. if andre wants only pro-atkins, strictly on topic info, maybe he should buy an atkins BOOK. LongShot and i both posted links about diet and they were deleted. yeah, some posts are off topic, but is it REALLY that big a deal in the chit chat section? even books get off topic sometimes.
    #20     Sep 25, 2003
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