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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. LOL

    sorry, babak, but your time has come. you are long overdue and everyone knows it. just like the california governor's race, i am entering at the apex of the madness. i've been on ET since before 2000 and i know it didn't always need to be moderated with an iron fist--especially chit chat. just like arnold schwarzenegger, if you want to take a chance at mixing things up while they're a mess, give me a chance.

    if like me you are sick of taking the time to write something and finding out 30 minutes later it was deleted, vote for me. i lost about 10 posts today only, in chit chat of all places. if it has happened to you, you know it's EXTREMELY ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING. i am here to do the job right.

    as i am a candidate, i will state my beliefs:

    - i believe chit chat should have the HIGHEST degree of free speech. ET isn't operated in iraq. unpopular opinions are welcome.
    - i will not kiss any moderator's ass. if a moderator outside chit chat doesn't like something in chit chat, i will not feel obligated to do as they say just because they are a moderator. i will only listen to baron. if baron doesn't like me, he can fire me. i will do this for free, i am not asking for anything in return. ET has given me enough.
    - i will not succumb to the pressure of the majority. i don't care if 8 out of 10 people dislike an opinion, i will not delete/edit posts strictly due to volume of complaints.
    - i will not tell someone else not to post. they have a right to their opinion, just like anyone else.
    - i will be almost transparent, deleting only spam, and stuff that is just outrageous (with my standards, that would be hard to do, but it's possible).
    - i believe in most cases, moderating things causes more of a problem than it solves. people become annoyed by it, it spreads to feedback, arguments ensue, and so on....
    - i will fiddle with things the very least that is needed. i will not delete 2 meaningless posts in a 800 reply thread just to feel powerful.
    - very rarely, if ever, will i close a thread. i believe threads should fade away on their own when nobody has anything else to say.
    - i will be independent no matter what is going on. i don't care if you personally attack me, i will not delete your posts. i will not become emotional and irrational.
    - in short, i will show you what being a moderator should be all about. i will set a new standard for fairness and excellence and surprise everyone.

    i will not vote in this poll with any of my ET names. babak, you shouldn't either.

  2. Aren't you the same guy who said he would not post on ET anymore until you made your fortune trading?
  3. i was drunk. i've stated this already.
  4. Andre


    Why don't you tell us all why you're so upset this time?

  5. please stay on topic. i already explained my discontent in chit chat, but what surprise, it all got deleted. anyway, this thread is not about that. i am running for chit chat moderator. if you like how things are presently done, stick with babak. if you're for free speech and against censoring/editing/deleting, basically fiddling with posts in general, i am definitely your guy.
  6. I am not sure if Gordon Gekko is a good trader may be
    more of a losing trader, but I can say he is a very good guy
    from the way he replies the newbies.
    Some times he tries to be very helpfull.
  7. Andre


    You talk about wanting to be able to "mix it up" but refuse to acknowledge that people should also be free to have a discussion that they're interested in... stay on topic? That's fundamentally disrespecting members of this community.

    And you want my vote?

  8. I know you love trading, Even you don't make
    much from trading. If other guys in your shoes,
    would have left this forum years before.
  9. cast your vote for babak then. we obviously fundamentally disagree. we will probably not change eachother's opinions.
  10. from chit chat atkins diet thread:
    if i am voted chit chat moderator, for me to accept the position, another moderator can not interfere with my job.

    in the top right corner of chit chat, it says babak is the moderator. if my name is there, i do not want someone like andre deleting posts. baron can, though, but that's it. :)
    #10     Sep 25, 2003
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