GFX Group SA - anyone has experience?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by hewtwok, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. hewtwok


    Anyone has any experience with GFX Group SA? (

    One thing about this co is one of the director is Mitchell Vazquez who runs Global Capital Investment LLC, which has been shut down by CFTC/NFA. Could this company be a scam?

    One thing i notice is their web design is very similar to GCI Financial Ltd ( who is behind GCI Financial? Could it be Global Capital Investment person running it with a different name, but similar initial.
  2. As I know

    GFX and GCI the same guys.
    It is confirmed!!!
  3. So Mr. Vazquez moved to Switzerland
    because there are no or relaxed regulations
    there for Forex brokers, smart move.

    Yes, stay away ! :cool:,

    What about your company ?
  4. hewtwok


    i wonder why Mr Vazquez still free to run this type of forex co

    does that means he runs legitimate co? just that he can't run his co in US?

    i wonder how many people actually has an accounts with GFX?
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