Gft Website Down?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Dominic, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Dominic


    Been trying to log into their website for 10 minutes with no success; is this common with them?

    Had a sales rep contact me three times today asking if I have any questions and when I want to fund; not to much confindence when you cant even log in!!
  2. tiger_6


    I am ready to start a new acct with them,
    but they have an online wiring procedure which I find a bit distressing. I only want
    to wire to a segregated acct through my bank.

    Just my opinion
  3. Dominic


    So why did you choose them over others?
  4. tiger_6


    The graphical user interface, dealbook, the
    number of market's traded, and the cost. I am not required to subsribe to any additional live data. They also apparently have a decent daily newsletter, and forex signals if you are interested.

    I am not dropping the other accts, Ib
    and Open E cry, have their advantages.

    IB pays interest on credit balances, and I get as many free streaming quotes as I

    Open E Cry has on the spot help with contracts, orders, and trader questions. And up to 10 live charts and 50 live quotes, with decent charting