GFT platform test

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    From two day of the test

    1. GFT close position not as another FX broker

    if Margin 1:400 ,lot GBP/JPY some 470 $ position would not closed automaticaly by 470$ per lot !

    but by 25-26% from 470$

    True liquidation margin is some 1:1600

    2. WEB book not work today from multiple access at
    6.10 NY time .Multiple attempts -Error by downloading
    That is for WEB platform ,not 20MB downloading 360

    All another platform's work okay -Ameritrade,Optionsxpress,Mgforex

    3. 20 MB of 360 platform .It would very instable

    4. WEB platform not saved setting .
    As example entry GBP/JPY AUD/JPY to standart eur/usd
    usd/jpy .Logoff and start new ...

    GBP/JPY AUD/JPY & must be entried in quote board each new start ...

    Your respectfully
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    6.14 WEB platform work

    Not worked in time of Eur/jpy advance from 155.07-155.95