GFT Futures?

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  1. Anyone given them a shot?

    Looks pretty decent. just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

    I know their forex people go nuts trying the hard sell on you, which makes me cautious of their firm. I remember back a couple years ago getting literally 2-3 calls a day and as many emails from their "account executves" from the forex side trying to get me to open an account.

    I always get nervous about that stuff. lol

    Thanks for any input. To clarify, I am only referring to their new FUTURES TRADING, not the forex side.
  2. I got the hard sell from Global Futures. I opened an account and love the platform. I got the hard sell from GFT as well but decided to go with the fut's rather than the FX. I know a guy who trades with them and he's very happy. The hard sell is their job. Don't let that throw you if they offer a good service.
  3. As best I can recall...they (GFT) offer a 5 day Simulator account. Have you tried it? If so, and you like it then your decision should be straight forward. FWIW, Global will give you a 30-day sim acct but you'll get another hard sell if you sign up for it.
  4. I see what you mean. Just reminds me of slimy vendors.

    I know for instance Oanda for FX= awesome, and hell they don't advertise at all to my knowledge....

    Always get nervous when the hard sell hits. lol

    But thanks for the input, your points are totally valid.

    So to clarify, you said you have a futs account with Global and GFT? If so, which is your primary if you don't mind me asking? Thanks again man.
  5. Yeah I tried it, looks cool. That's what made me want to ask about them. I liked the set up and everything looks slick with good commissions....but you's what's on the inside that counts. :D

    Thanks again for the info PTF.
  6. Oh yeah I know I have received multiple PM's from them (Global). That's like a whole new level of hard sell. It always cracked me up, because that's how scammers do around here, they send PM's trying to shill and spam for their services. lol
  7. do they have a DOM?

    what's the intraday margin for YM, whats minimum deposit? website is very unclear.

    can't get an answer....wonder why??

  8. I feel as if you're trying to tell me something, surf.

  9. :D
  10. They do not have a DOM. I was considering it after I saw an ad on a futures magazine but without a dom I guess they are trying to market to newbies like they do with Forex.
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