GFT futures DOM?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by marketsurfer, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. anyone familiar with GFT futures? do they offer a DOM?

    i called and the "rep" who answered the phone seemed confused and said, "let me check" and hung up. hahahaha



  2. stay away from them for that exact reason

  3. the platform was ok for FX, however the spreads and policies are not trader friendly.

    do they have a DOM on dealbook now?

    if not, i would be shocked if anyone would actually trade futures via gft.

  4. I've used their 360 platform for fx and have never had a problem, and from their website, their futures platform is probably just as professional.

  5. do they have a DOM now? why is this such a difficult question? even when i called to ask them, the answer was not direct. they are sponsors here and this question has been unanswered since 12.5--- pretty weak!

    yeah, the platform is excellent for TA, order types, etc---too bad their other policies for FX are so bad. if they have a futures DOM and change their FX policiesbogus spreads/rollover idiocy they would be an actual force to reckon with, beyond the newbie market.

  6. dom?...a trading platform?...i don't know. They have a live help options, so ask again.
  7. DOM or Depth of Market screen is a mission critical component of a futures trading platform. here is an example--don't click on anything.....hahaha

  8. I appear's ambiguous, at this stage.

    They say it's there for the forex op's, (huh?) and i could have sworn i saw a solid reference to it (depth of market ) for their oz cfd arrangement too, (huh?) can't find it now though.
    Licenced by the relevant body though, indeed, i gather some of the first exchange traded cfd's anywhere. (huh?no, i dont know what that means either) but nothing about it on the sites.

    However, the fut's is data feed dependant on the exchange, right, so if the exchange offer's it........and the platform can clearly handle it, now.....

    Disclaimer-i like dealbook, and said years ago "gee, if only they had more market coverage, futs, ags, i would so have an account there-if they would let me, the bastards, their a bucketshop anyway, why NOT provide a great deal for joe average to punt on global fut's."

    True, i said that.
    It just never occured to me, that with the astonishing industry rationalisation, it would actually occur that they might enter the cut throat realm of exchange cleared futures.

    I just didn't think it would happen, im baffled by all these changes- and as has been pointed out, the fact gft are clearly happy to sell hard, and rely on advertising to bring custom, without a single rep here (or anywhere else) says something, to me.

    Very, very clever.