GFT changes after 2 days also a price limit !!!

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  1. GFT

    is possible that GFT changes after 2 days also a price executed with price limit?
    BUT gft it did not guarantee the price limits?

    Thank you

  2. Find another broker.
  3. I have not traded forex till date, so i might have no idea
    what i am saying.

    Their website says about benifits:

    -Guaranteed Fills on stop-loss and limit orders
    -No Slippage on Client orders

    They have Mobiletrading that offers colorfull charting, i wish
    they had mini account, then have been on of the best.

    Can someone confirm this or they requote pricing?
    and what is actually requoting in forex and how it is
    done by forex giants?
  4. Requotes are running rampant at GFT...I had to close my account because of it. I could go on and on about these guys...

  5. But i understand requote in the instant but not after 2 days !!!!
  6. Can either of you explain what requoting means exactly?
    An example would be the best. Thanks in advance
  7. I have buy ( 23 Febbruary ) 200.000 EUR/USD at 1.2501 and sell it at 1.2549 but in EZ vievs statement ( 25 Febbruary ) i have bought EURUSD at 1.2537 !!!!!!!
  8. wohaa:confused: it's horrible. Are there Brokers that
    don't do it? Because you can't policing them all the time
  9. I'm send ( just now ) screen copy at NFA ...

  10. 1.2501-1.2537= 0.0036 point

    Is that equal to 36 pips, (1pip=$10USD) means $360USD
    taken from your profit?
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