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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by mikeak, Nov 27, 2003.

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    I've been looking for a 4x broker for the last week or so and have tried several demos,I liked the dealbook platform that Global forex used. Last night a rep .called to see if she could answ. any quest. I might have.Anyway she sent me the download for new fx2 release. This is one of the best platforms I've seen,WAY COOL. Supports oco and trailing stops.I've been using it for 2 nights and still finding features.The inst. leave a lot to be desired so it take some messing around to get it set up.
    I'm still checking them out ,if anybody can offer any opinions on them I'd app. it.I'll be opening acct. with them if they check out.
    From what I can gather this 4x is kind of like playing keno,you give strangers some money and pick some numbers,they look at your numbers,then pick their own numbers and tell you if you win or lose.
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    guess nobody knows these guys. ok,anybody know where you can find s/r zones for forex .
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    I looked into their platform...couldn't find the trailing stops, so I gave up for now plus I am more looking for a broker with an API to do my own.
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    the oco and trailing stops are in the fx2 release,don't think it's on their website yet.
  5. I have been with them since I started trading forex since Jan 03 . I have had no problems with them.The only thing you should be careful is when there is an important fundamental anouncement make sure you put in a stop at the same time. Thier system shuts down sometimes in heavy trading. Thier new platform was supposed to be released early summer .Still waiting on it.
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    Thanks for the reply,I've only seen a couple of negative comments on GFT. I assumed they were already using the new release.I'll probably wait till they release it to open acct.
    Thanks Mike
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